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Actor. Singer. Video Editor.


I am a performer/content creator. Digging a little deeper? I am an actor that studies the voice intently - all the ins and outs.

I am an Apple Certified Video Editor that is fascinated on how to connect the pieces of a media-oriented puzzle. I am a musician that is transfixed on the theory of why melodies and harmonies move in certain ways. I am an activist for Mental Health Awareness. I am never willing to stop learning or growing towards a better version of me.


I am currently in my final semester as a Musical Theatre undergraduate. During my college career, I have performed in over ten different productions. I received two Kennedy Center Nominations for my performances in two Main Stage musicals (Baker's Wife in Into the Woods and Paulette in Legally Blonde). In 2012, I received the Blumey Award for "Best Actress in a Musical" for my portrayal of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Upon receiving this award, I was able to train with 59 other actors from across the country at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City. Following this intensive training, we performed a variety of musical numbers on a Broadway stage. I am grateful for each of these opportunities in my journey as a performer.

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When I was sixteen, I was Apple-certified in Final Cut Pro video editing. Ever since, I have loved every aspect of post-production within media. I was a teaching assistant for Final Cut Pro editing as well. This opportunity gave me the chance to help others expand their video editing skills while also allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of editing software. While I have worked on a variety of film projects, I am most passionate about editing music videos and creative content for YouTube (vlogs, entertainment, gaming, etc.)


Where I've Been!


"... Neal will represent the Charlotte region on June 25th at the National High School Musical Theater Awards at the Minksoff Theatre on Broadway."


"The moment I was handed a selection of sheet music, I knew I wanted to sing every day of my life."


"Winthrop’s Theatre program did a wonderful job of bringing this show to life on stage. Everyone from the performers, to the orchestra, the artistic staff and the production staff were flawless in their role."


"The performance will feature students in the musical theatre department singing iconic villain songs from famous musicals for audiences."



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